Thursday, October 2, 2014

Soup and Bread!

Savory Cheddar Garlic and Frontier Soup
There is a chill in the air!  Crisp fall evenings are here and with them come, busy fall activities like football games, soccer matches and pickin' out just the right pumpkin from the pumpkin patch!

Add some simplicity to dinner time busyness by preparing a Frontier Soup Mix in the morning, let it simmer all day long and pick up a fresh loaf of your favorite Great Harvest Bread to go with it!

This simple dinner provides a nutritious comforting meal on those busy fall evenings.

Our Frontier Soup Mix Menu includes the NEW Kale and Quinoa Vegetable soup, our family's favorite, Tortilla Soup and the ever popular Corn Chowder.

Join us Saturday, October 4th from 10am-1pm for a special soup tasting!