Sunday, March 22, 2015

Honey Bunnies are Here!

It is Honey Bunny Season!  Bunnies are multiplying in the bakery this spring.  Beginning Monday March 22nd we will have Honey Bunnies available every day through to Easter.

We are baking up two sizes of bunnies this year! 
The "Baby bunny" is about the equivalent of 6 dinner rolls.
The large bunny or the "Mama bunny" is about the equivalent of 12 dinner rolls.

In addition to Honey Bunnies we will be baking a special Easter Menu Beginning Thursday April 2nd- Saturday April 4th.

Our Easter Menu includes:

Traditional Hot Cross Buns

Buttery Virginia Rolls 

Lemon Oh Swirls for dessert

Lemon  Blueberry Coffeecake for Easter Brunch